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Liv·a·ble: (adjective) worth living; enjoyable

Teachers Are Leaving

It’s the unfortunate reality that 55% of teachers are thinking about leaving the profession earlier than they planned (nea.org). Thus, it is fundamental and urgent to recognize the impact teachers’ overall health and happiness have on teacher retention, fulfillment, and consequently, student success.

The empathy, selflessness, and dedication needed in this profession demand that teachers consistently monitor their own well-being to refuel. How do they know how to do this? Many don’t because they are not typically provided professional opportunities to learn, discuss, and grow in the category of wellness.  

Livable Learning, a wellness company dedicated to teachers, is on a mission to provide these opportunities to teachers who deserve nourishment inside and outside of the classroom. When teachers use strategies as fuel to prioritize their own health and happiness, they will discover more patience, optimism, energy, eagerness, confidence, and satisfaction, among many, many other things.

Suddenly, their career and their life become a whole lot more livable.

The Whole Teacher

Movement has begun.

Are you ready to join?

Our Founder’s Whole Teacher Journey

Welcome! I am incredibly grateful that you are here.

In all honesty, all I ever wanted to be was a teacher. I feel lucky to have felt such assurance, from such a young age, that teaching was the passion I was meant to pursue. 

All these years later, I can still say teaching was the right path for me. 

I am a proud former public school teacher of eight years. I started off teaching 10th and 11th grade English, and then made my way down to the world of middle school, teaching 6th and 8th grade Language Arts. I’ve moved from Cincinnati, Ohio to Arlington, Virginia and have worked in various environments, ranging from my hometown rival high school to a Title I middle school. I’ve also been lucky to learn from SPED students and ESOL students in my classroom over the years.

I earned a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction, and then pursued another passion in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach Training Program, graduating as a certified Holistic Health Coach. My passions collided when I became an SEL coach at my school, merging what I thought was an “out-of-school passion” with teaching. 

Livable Learning Teacher

Welcoming Wellness Into the Classroom

Experiencing the diversity of schools, grade levels, and demographics opened my eyes to how different teachers in various settings were managing daily stressors and struggles. 

As many do, I felt the impact of teaching physically and emotionally. The only reason I knew of simple wellness strategies to implement into my day-to-day was because of my health coaching program and the learning I did on my own time. It struck me that any PD sessions I had attended throughout the years never prioritized teachers’ needs FIRST. How were other teachers supposed to know simple strategies that they could utilize to feel happier and healthier?

So, I set out to make a change. After making adjustments in my own life to prioritize my health and happiness as a teacher, I began to offer co-workers actionable strategies to use inside and outside the classroom. I led county-wide SEL workshops while teaching and began writing The Whole Teacher Weekly Wellness Guide and suddenly…

Livable Learning was born. 

I felt so inspired and eager to share approachable wellness strategies with teachers because I lived and breathed the daily pressures. I personally understood how those stressors have the power to blur the lines between professional and personal life. But more than anything, I believed teachers deserved a change. 

With that said, are you ready to welcome wellness into your classroom? 

In health and happiness, 

Lauren Girgash