Wellness Guide

The Whole TeacherWorkshops

Hands-on presentations that provide strategies for teachers to use as fuel to prioritize their health and happiness.

1. Actionable

Provides teachers with applicable wellness strategies that can be implemented immediately, inside and outside their classroom.

2. Teacher First

Workshops designed for teachers by a teacher, prioritizing teachers’ health and happiness before anything else. 

3. Comprehensive

Explores the significance of 12 holistic health categories known as The Whole Teacher

4. Personalized

Schools choose from 12 workshop options so that every staff members’ unique needs are met. 

The empathy, selflessness, and dedication needed in this profession demand that teachers monitor their own well-being to refuel. How do they know how to do this? Many don’t because they have not been provided professional opportunities to learn and discuss wellness strategies to implement inside and outside the classroom.

Establish Whole Teachers by Welcoming Wellness Into Your School


Step 1: Welcome Workshop

Participants will explore The Whole Teacher outlook, why it’s important, and how it affects their day-to-day. Participants will walk away with an urgency to prioritize their own health and happiness. 

    • Our Founder, Lauren Girgash, will meet with a group of teachers (sometimes, a smaller group is even MORE beneficial because it allows for more meaningful, personal conversations). 
    • This initial workshop is 1 hour on Zoom or in-person (depending on location).

Step 2: Personalized Extension Workshop(s)

Participants will examine the depth of their chosen Whole Teacher categories, learning new ways to recognize and empower its significance in their life. Participants will learn actionable strategies to prioritize the categories inside and outside the classroom, thus enhancing their overall health, happiness and satisfaction with teaching.

    • There are 12 personalized Extension Workshop options! Each workshop focuses on one of the 12 Whole Teacher categories
    • The same group of teachers who participated in the Welcome Workshop will determine the quantity AND topics of the Extension Workshop(s). 
    • Every school has different needs, so there is no required amount of Extension Workshops. If your school just wants to focus on consistent stress management, that’s fine. If they want six Extension Workshops, even better! 

It is fundamental and urgent to recognize the impact teachers’ overall health and happiness have on teacher retention and consequently, student success.


Thank You

“I joined the cohort because I needed something that would help me take active steps in self-care and reclaim my life.”

More Proactive

“I so appreciate that this cohort helped reteach me this concept and motivate me to proactively combat it. This unit reminded me and expanded my understanding of how nutrition impacts brain function and problem-solving abilities. I’ve been more proactive in designing my day with intentional moments for brain food, breathing exercises, puzzles and brain-teasers, and avoiding sugar crashes, and I already feel the difference in how I handle my stressors and how I build and maintain relationships.”

My Journey

“I have been so stressed since the beginning of the school year. I was putting all of my energy into other areas and not taking care of myself. Now, I’m doing more self-care because of this program. I recognized when I’m not eating well and taking care of my own needs every thing around me wasn’t working. Since I’ve started the whole journey it has helped me in all areas of my life.”

Not Alone

“This past month of trying to be more mindful has helped tremendously. I want to move forward prioritizing myself and my health. It’s good to know I’m not alone.”

Great Sessions

“Your smile and positivity is contagious, refreshing and uplifting.”

So Helpful

“This was so helpful, I think all teachers should have this available to them.”

Thank You

“Very eye opening – thank you.”


“These sessions were amazing. The content was great, sessions were interactive, and your visuals are so nicely done!”

Changed My Perspective

“I cannot tell you how helpful it was to hear about how we need to be more dependable friends to ourselves. Self-trust changed my perspective.”

Thank You!!

“Thank you so much for everything! I’m sad this is over! I really enjoyed it!”

Surveyed Teachers Said…

• 100% of surveyed participants “strongly agree” that these workshops can benefit other teachers.

• 100% of surveyed participants said “yes” that workshops offer a new approach to health & happiness.

• 100% of surveyed participants “highly recommend” this workshop compared to other wellness PD sessions.